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        It's not about the pictures, it's about the moments.
        I'm all about you.

        It’s not about the pictures, it’s about the moments. I’m all about you.


        I’m a Harry Potter & brownie loving human. I like to wander around the world, go on hikes, watch movies, & TV shows (currently working through all of the NCIS seasons on Netflix). I love thinking about life and pondering purpose & the impact each of us has on the world. I really value quality time & quality humans & when I decide to befriend someone I’m really trusting and protective almost automatically. I’m really considerate of other humans & I’m overly passionate about experiencing the world around me.

        I believe kindness is contagious and one of the most powerful tools we have to influence the world around us.

        I’m all about being apart of your day in the most helpful way I can & that we capture all those timeless images you’ve been dreaming of. I love the idea of “wherever you are, be all there” and super encourage this during our time together. If you’re in the moment, be in it. If you’re in awe of the landscape or the fact that this moment is where your lives have led you to (climbing this mountain for pictures at 6am or running through fields during the sunset with some crazy girl running around you taking pics) be in that moment, feel it and revel in it. These are the moments I’ll be capturing, these are your adventures I want to be apart of.