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        What to Wear Guide

        Whatever you wear,
        make sure you feel comfy in it

        If you're here it's because you've officially booked with me & WE ARE BOTH SO EXCITED! I created this guide to make sure your photos truly represent you & your love, so that your clothing will compliment your photos and not take over, and so that you both are comfortable during our shoot together. I want you to feel waaaay comfs & trust that your photos will look 1293172x better if you're wearing clothing that represents you rather than new clothes you're not comfs in quite yet or clothes that don't make you feel like yourself.

        First things first, why it matters:

        Our goal is to capture your love as it is, this includes clothing. Which I know sounds so odd, but bear with me here. We want you to wear clothes that you normally wear, that you already feel yourself and comfortable in. That way when we take photos, you can focus on that person you really really love standing in front of you rather than whether or not your new pants are covering up what they’re supposed to or that wedgie that wont go away no matter how much you squirm. By making sure you’re comfortable, we can focus more on fostering love filled moments of cuddling or laughing rather than pulling up your pants in between shots (I’ve been there & I’m really passionate about it now hahaha).

        Really though, help me help you.

        To the right is a real life blurry picture of me & my hubs dancing. For your entertainment.

        Oh & bring options.

        Hiiiii, my husband is the most indecisive person on this planet (he knows I love him haha). Actually, most of his wardrobe is just BLACK. I am literally not kidding. He wears black about 98.7% of the time. So it’s hilarious to me that he has such a hard time choosing what to wear sometimes cause I’m like, it’s all black….???? Hahahah.

        I want you to bring options to your shoot!! By all means, bring a variety of styles/colors that you love & remember that this guide is just a guide. & is here to help but not dictate. We’ll go through colors and patterns, etc. but if you have something that doesn’t seem to match up with what is written through my guide but you absolutely LOVE and have DREAMT of wearing, please BRING IT (Also ignore my extremely long run-on sentences). Again, I want you to feel like yourselves!!

        I always recommend bringing about 4-5 tops and 2-3 bottoms each. This gives us a chance to mix things up a couple times & give us more opportunity to make sure your outfit compliments the environment we are shooting in. I will say I’m also indecisive so keeping your clothing choices limited to these numbers will help me immensely should you need my help choosing hahah.

        What you’re wearing should make sense.

        This is important because it decides if you blend in with your environment or if you look awkward and out of place.

        What you’re wearing should make sense with the environment we are shooting in. In other words, if it’s snowing and you’re in a short sleeve, it’s going to look a little goofy. If it’s super super hot and humid outside and you’re in a sweater, it’s going to look out of place. If we’re hiking into the mountains, wear shoes that match that setting. I’m all about the hiking boots and high socks. Again, I want you to feel comfortable in the environment you’re in & not worried about falling down a trail or mountain or slipping or getting your really nice heels sandy or muddy.

        Take into consideration the weather when you choose clothes, it truly can make or break an image. Also if you wouldn’t normally wear those clothes/shoes to the environmental setting we’re going to be in, chances are you shouldn’t. Again, there are always outliers or certain clothes we wear for a certain feeling or affect. If there are glam heels you want to wear on top of a mountain because that’s YOU, then let’s do it! Pack them in a bag and bring some normal shoes to hike in! This guide is just supposed to help you feel comfortable & look like your natural bad-A selves.


        Movement, in its various forms, adds emotion & energy to an image so naturally. I love capturing movement in different ways. From the wind, the natural dancing/walking/running of a couple, and from clothing! Dresses & accessories such as hats, necklaces, bracelets that twist and twirl or catch wind are all kinds of A++++ in my book.

        Diving back into the importance of comfortability, we're going to be moving around during our session a bit. Because of this I super encourage bringing clothes that are already "broken in" that you'll feel comfortable moving around in, sitting in, running in, etc. These are the types of movements that really add energy, emotion, and intimacy into your images & make them worth all the awkward running and stumbling hahah. Don't worry, I've recently been on both sides of the camera and felt like a total fruit running around (& it really was worth it).

        The colors you wear should compliment the environment you’re in, not take from it or overpower it. Most importantly, I want YOUR LOVE to be the focus of my image, not your husbands bright pink button up.

        Because of this I super encourage bringing along some natural colors we’ll find in the environment & neutral colors. Olive/forest greens, whites, off-whites, creams, greys, blacks, navy/deep blues, deep/mustard yellows, very light pale pinks, deep purples, etc. We want a color that will not overpower your photos. Neon colors tend to do so, because of this I do not recommend them.

        By all means & again I state, if you have something you LOVE, PLEASE BRING IT! This is just a guide to help and I would never want to discourage you from being yourself!

        Contrary to everything I just said, sparkly dresses are a yes for me, just as a sidenote (hahaha).





        As far as patterns go, I’m a stripes girl (through and through). I love stripes! However, if you want to wear stripes, I recommend stripes that are all in one direction! Sometimes we see clothing with stripes in multiple directions and it’s a head spinner. By keeping it simple, we keep the focus on you two first (which is our goal).

        As far as other patterns go, as long as you feel like they aren’t overwhelming in color or style then I’m all for it! I love florals and I love unique designs! Smaller patterns tend to blend in more and are less distracting.

        I love this picture on the left because it has such a unique feel to it. The dress she is wearing has tons of colors and patterns to it and it’s actually pretty distracting. It shows how distracting something like that can be. I personally still think it’s a great photo and I love it, but if I were to take this photo with another person in it and they were also wearing clothing with different colors, it could be a bit chaotic in the color/pattern section of the image.


        If you have any more questions, please ASK! I want you to feel comfortable & prepared for your session in whatever way I can!

        It's very important to me that you receive images that capture your relationship & all it's quirks and cuddles. I want you to receive images you love & want to print on your walls & will cherish for years to come. So if you have any questions, email me & ask away! I'm here to help to make sure your session with me is as near to perfect as we can make it.

        Thanks so much,
        Annelise June